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You can chose to design your tailor made clothes after your own designs or use the designs suggested from the friendly staff. The owner Mss. Le Thi is very professional and is great fun to be with. The shop have huge selections of all kinds’ fabric. The prices are fair. Visited March 2017.

Very happy with my three skirts! I came with a few pictures of silk skirts I wanted and the tailor understood immediately what I wanted. She also gave me a small discount since I was getting 3 pieces made. You need to ask for it nicely, and I did not fight the amount since it was already a good price. I came back once for the fitting and final time to pick up the skirts. They all look wonderful and I cannot wait to wear them. I hope they will last me 🙂 Visited May 2017.

We have used several tailors before we found Hoi An Tailors in Nha Trang. We run a small fashion brand in Europe, so having a reliable and highly skilled tailor is simply necessary to us. The staff at Hoi An Tailors works at absolute professional standard – they are easy to work with, and nice. We highly recommend them both for professional and personal tailoring. Thank you so much for great work! Visited November 2016

I had a dark suit with grey stripes made at the Hoi An Tailors, tailor. I was very satisfied with the result then and I still am. I wear it for parties and formal events and I am surprised that it is still in such good condition, to be frank. Their service was exquisite and they display true craftsman ship. I was at Hoi An Tailors in Nha Trang in the spring 2010 and I can wholeheartedly recommend them!

Very nice place. I would recommend this tailor, to everyone who are looking for a luxurious piece of clothing, by a professional tailor. I am very pleased with my own jacket, which fits perfectly! Visited July 2016

I have visited many tailors in the world and Mss. This Tailor Shop Hoi An Tailor in Nha Trang is without doubt the best. The service was great; they knew what we wanted from the start and even came out with some good ideas and suggestions as well. They were very professional and we came out with a better result than we could have hoped for – even without paying a sky-high amount. Visit Mss. This place, if quality is your highest priority. Visited May 2017

Great place, wonderful atmosphere, and perfect service. However, most important we experienced nice and professional tailor work! Visited February 2017

Very pleasant experience at Hoi An Tailors. Relaxed atmosphere and seasoned tailors are sure to meet you as you enter the shop. I found Hoi An Tailors in Nha Trang to be reliable both in terms of quality and delivery on-time. I am happy to recommend Hoi An Tailors in Nha Trang for future travelers, and I am sure to return myself. Visited July 2016

Can highly recommend this shop! Amazing creations- excellent service and wonderful staff. Thi has a unique eye for both classic and modern design! THE place to go! Visited June 2016

Great service, kind staff and good quality clothing. It is easy to find as well. In addition, the prices are cheap! Visited November 2016

Very nice people and quality service! I had several beautiful items made in this shop, and was very satisfied with all of them. Visited October 2016


Best Tailor Shop in Nha Trang

Hoi An Tailor in Nha Trang is the best place to go if you want a new wardrobe or just a few suits or dresses made.

HQ for sure and the owner Mss. Thi is not only a professionel and serviceminded tailor she is also very funny to spend some time with.

You find her shop at Biet Thu Street 31/11.  Nha Trang City Vietnam

You call her at 0084-905169349.

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