Business for sale

After many years in Nha Trang, we have decided to move to Europe next year and start a new life and a new business there.

Hoi An Tailors is a well-known brand in Vietnam and abroad and we proudly served our customers in three different locations in Nha Trang since 2008.

The serious buyer now get the opportunity to buy the whole packet to start a tailor business, but the sale does not include our current location in Biet Thu Street 31/11.

What the sale does include is probably one of the largest collection of all kinds of quality fabric in Nha Trang. Huge collection of accessories for making clothes. Diverse cabinets for displaying of fabrics. Sowing machines and other kind of equipment’s for tailor work.

Different mannequins for displays and for tailor work. A good collection of clothes samples. Mirrors and furniture such as lounge sofas and chairs.

Last, the sale include the brand Hoi An Tailor the web domain and contact lists etc.

Le Thi Thuy, the owner have 15 years of experience in the business as a qualified tailor and are keen to offer, her know how and time to help a serious buyer to put up Hoi An Tailor in a new location.


Hoi An Tailor. Biet Thu Street 31 / 11.

Le Thi Thuy.

Phone; 0905169349 / 0911910068.